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REEF26 | Release Fabric
REEF26 | Release Fabric

REEF26 | Release Fabric

Thickness: 0.13~0.26mm

Temperature: 260°C

Color: Grey

Application: Lamination of FPC

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Repeated Using
REEF26 is a type of release material that offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures and superior performance. It is made of polytetrafluoroethylene emulsion and high-performance silicate fiber cloth, processed through multiple dips using special dipping technology and equipment.Under high temperature and high pressure conditions, it exhibits good toughness and excellent dimensional stability. It has the characteristics of light release force, easy peeling off, no pollution, easy cleaning, and no residue. Because of its excellent performance characteristics, it is widely used in high-temperature lamination processes, such as circuit boards, integrated circuits, and mold lamination.
REEF25 | Release Fabric


  • 01
    High temperature resistant
  • 02
    Good peeling off performance
  • 03
    Repeated using
  • 04
    Smooth surface
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